MICA's Core Values


In all our endeavors, we are guided by seven values: family, helping others, partnership, achieving results, leadership, advocacy, and innovation. These values direct the way we provide services and the way that we structure our organization.  They constitute the core of MICA's philosophy and, together with our strategic plan, serve as guideposts for our staff.  Our core values echo the mission of community action around the country but also highlight MICA's focus on providing excellent services to families.

Achieving Results


Discovery, learning, growth, and change are the means by which individuals and organizations reach their full potential.


We learn from those who have come before us and our peers. We use evidence-based and evidence-informed programs and practices to ensure we’re offering the most effective interventions to the families we serve.


Our work is outcome-oriented and data-driven. We collect and analyze data to monitor the effectiveness of our programs and help us improve.




MICA values learning and leading. We are creative. We thrive in an atmosphere that challenges us to excel.


Helping Others


We care passionately about the people we assist, the communities in which we work, and the network of organizations that do the work of community action across the country.



MICA does not work alone. We believe success for individuals, families, organizations, and communities results from working together, sharing resources and risks, and involving all those affected in decision-making.



We believe in the inherent worth of every individual and family.


The well-being of families is the foundation for the well-being of communities. It is within families that individuals first learn to successfully interact with others.


We see the greatest potential for significant, lasting, and positive change through our engagement with every member of the families we assist.



We advocate for the families we assist. We empower the families we assist to advocate for themselves. We advocate for systemic change at the local, state, and federal levels that aims to eliminate the causes and conditions of poverty.



We lead by identifying emerging issues. We lead by convening partners and stakeholders. We lead through our commitment to alleviating the causes and conditions of poverty in the communities we serve.