At MICA, we are driven by the desire to help our communities succeed.

Communities succeed only if everyone works in tandem to produce the best result.  That's why MICA values and cultivates partnerships with local businesses and social service agencies, including health care providers, school districts, and colleges. 


The programs listed here are the product of that collaboration, and range from early literacy programs to summer learning for at-risk youth. We're proud of the efforts of our communities to continually improve and embrace change, and we're excited to be a part of that process.

KG Ready!

Great resources for parents and providers of children who will be entering Kindergarten.

Preschool Graduation Ceremony

Bobcat University

Bobcat University, originally Rogers University, is a six-week program designed to provide education and enrichment activities to students in Marshalltown.


The Spread the Words - Read by 3rd! program is coordinated by MICA and the Martha Ellen Tye foundation.

21st CCLC (Afterschool program)

21st CCLC provides learning and enrichment activities after school to students in the Marshalltown School District.

Home School