Let's work together to improve health care for central Iowa.



MICA works hard to coordinate health, dental, and mental health care for low-income patients in central Iowa.  We want to make your job as a health professional easier by coordinating your patients' care through our programs like I-Smile and 1st Five.


Our primary focus is very similar to yours: to ensure high-quality care for all central Iowans. We believe that improved patient care results from a family-centered model.  This type of individualized attention and interaction are MICA's strength. We value working one-on-one with families to remove barriers to their success, and this includes ensuring that they and their children have adequate access to high-quality health, dental, and mental health care.


We promote the use of standardized developmental screenings to coordinate care for families. We refer families to the experts they need based on your recommendations, and we work to make sure that families get the necessary follow-up care to achieve their health goals.

1st Five

Iowa's 1st Five Healthy Mental Development Initiative builds partnerships between physician practices and public service providers to enhance high-quality well-child care. 1st Five promotes the use of standardized developmental screening tools that support healthy mental development for young children.


By using a standardized tool for all children, providers are able to identify children at-risk for developmental concerns, and link those children and their families with community-based resources to improve access to appropriate follow-up care. Primary care providers play a key role in supporting optimal healthy mental development in children. Therefore, primary care providers can play a critical role in providing developmental screenings.

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The I-Smile Dental Home Initiative is a program that helps Iowa's children connect with dental services.


I-Smile has four objectives: Improve the dental Medicaid program, recruit and retain dentists in underserved areas, incorporate dental clinics within rural hospitals, and Improve the dental support system for families.


There are 24 regional I-Smile Coordinators who are licensed dental hygienists. They serve as the point-of-contact for public health agencies, families, health care providers, school districts, and dental offices. The goal of the I-Smile Dental Home Initiative will be an integrated system that provides early identification of the risks of dental disease, prevention, improved care coordination, and stronger parental involvement. Ultimately, at-risk children who are currently excluded from the dental care system will be reached and will have a dental home.

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