MICA places a strong emphasis on the health and nutrition of both children and adults in our service area. Our primary concern is that everyone who needs health assistance is able to find it through our services. We also reach out to provide services to those who need them, but have a hard time affording care. MICA's Health Services department considers good health a product of adequate medical care, but also as access to good dental and mental health care.  This approach has lead us to develop a wide variety of services that are designed to construct a safety net under central Iowa's low-income residents.


Our programs focus on referral services, connecting people with the health care, dental care, and mental health care providers in their area. We also provide early and periodic screenings and referrals for children, so parents can make informed decisions about their children's health.


Every program MICA's Health Services department operates has a single goal: that all families are educated in preventative health services and demonstrate healthy behaviors.

Health Services


MICA administers WIC clinics throughout central Iowa. The goal of the WIC program is to help moms and young children have access to nutritious foods that promote healthy development.


MICA's dental services include the I-Smile program for children's dental care and sealants applied in local school districts to 3rd and 7th graders.

Maternal Health

MICA coordinates care for new and expecting mothers through our Maternal Health program. We can help provide education, resources, and support both pre- and post-partum.

Child Health

Our Child Health program assesses your child's health and development and then recommends local resources that can help your child stay mentally and physically on track.

MICA runs the Breastfeeding Peer Counselors program. The purpose of this service is to link new mothers who have made the choice to breastfeed with experienced mothers who have gone through the process.


Health Insurance

MICA can provide resources to help you access health and dental insurance, including information about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), our hawk-i program, and presumptive eligibility for Medicaid (Title XIX).

For Providers

Are you a dental, medical, or mental health provider? If so, click on the link below to discover how MICA can help you coordinate care through programs like 1st Five and I-Smile.


MICA's Child Care Nurse Consultant (CCNC) can help answer any questions you may have about child health and safety in your childcare environment.