Family Connections


Family Connections is a program designed to help families improve their overall health and well-being.

Families work one-on-one with a family development specialist who helps the family understand the importance of regular health screenings and their role in their child’s physical and mental development.

The family development specialist also empowers the family to discover their own goals and dreams for the future. Family Connections utilizes a comprehensive goal-setting system.


The family development specialist will work closely with the family to develop goals in health and nutrition, education, parenting, housing, employment, budgeting, mental health, relationships, transportation, and childhood development.

Together, they work to develop strategies in order to reach the ultimate goal of a healthy life.

Meet income guidelines


Reside in Poweshiek County


Include a child under five or a pregnant mother

Do you qualify for Family Connections?

To qualify for MICA's Family Connections program, your family must:

Find out more by calling our Poweshiek County Family Development office at 641-236-3923.