Child Care Nurse Consultant


Child Care Nurse Consultants (CCNC) are Registered Nurses that provide guidance and technical assistance to child care providers, families, and communities. MICA’s CCNC can answer any questions you have regarding the health and safety of the children in your care, and recommend solutions where potential issues are found.

Consultant activities may range from answering specific questions by telephone to staff education to scheduling on-site consultation visits. MICA's CCNC can:


Provide educational opportunities to child care professionals

•    Provide forms and visits for the Quality Rating System (QRS)

•    Provide clarification on health and safety regulations
•    Provide telephone or on-site consultation on specific issues

•    Link children, families, or staff with local health and community resources
•    Conduct an on-site visit with the child care setting to help identify risks

•    Help child care and education programs develop an action plan to correct health and safety problems

•    Assist in developing policies
•    Provide immunization information





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