Program Management 

With such a unique blend of community service programs, it takes a strong, resourceful staff to provide quality services to low-income families. Through constant collaboration, over 200 MICA staff members work together to identify needs within the community and develop programs that meet these needs. With the responsibility of over 40 programs, MICA's program managers and coordinators are able to work closely with teachers, family development specialists, members of our weatherization crews, accountants, and many other staff members to provide the necessary tools for MICA to help low-income families develop and maintain a life of self-sufficiency.


Arlene McAtee, Executive Director                       

Colin Adams, Chief Financial Officer


Human Resources

Myra Thompson, Human Resources Director

Early Childhood Programs

Kathie Readout, Early Childhood Programs Director

Cindy Stockner, Head Start Services Coordinator

Carrie Sodders, Early Head Start Services Coordinator

Family Development

Clarissa Thompson - Family & Community Development Director

Stacy Mulford, Hardin Co. Family Development Director

Allison Vaughn, Marshall Co. Family Development Director

Paula Arkema, Poweshiek & Tama  Co. Family Development Director

Sunny Thompson, Story Co. Family Development Director

Health Services

Gloria Symons, Health Services Director

Nicole Dudley, Maternal & Child Health Coordinator


Terri Tague, Housing Director

Mike Berg, Weatherization Production Manager

Chris Bracy, Weatherization Crew Coordinator

Resource Development

Rob Stewart, Resource Development Director

Information Technology

Brad Wiegand, IT Director

Justin Tiernan, Network Administrator

    Mid-Iowa Community Action, Inc.
    1001 South 18th Avenue
    Marshalltown, IA 50158
    Phone: 641-752-7162

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