Fiscal Integrity 

MICA believes that its record of fiscal integrity is as much a portrayal of the organization as the services it provides to low-income families. Thus, MICA has established policies or procedures throughout its organization to ensure that every dollar of its annual budget is spent prudently. Some examples of these policies or procedures include:

  • MICA adheres to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), as established by the Federal Accounting Standards Board.
  • All of MICA's fiscal records are reviewed annually by an independent auditor.
  • MICA participates in 10 or more federal or state audits of specific grant programs each year.
  • MICA has established policies governing purchases made by employees at all levels, emphasizing internal review, lowest possible costs from vendors, and competitive bidding for all items over $100.
  • MICA has established an anti-nepotism policy that precludes a spouse or relative of a current employee from being hired by the organization. A spouse or relative of a member of MICA's Board of Directors is also precluded from employment with MICA.

MICA welcomes inquiries regarding its fiscal records. Copies of MICA's complete fiscal year audit and Form 990 are linked to below.

 MICA Form 990

MICA 2012 Fiscal Year Audit

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